Sunday, October 16, 2011

Partnering: Bhutan Nuns Foundation

With wedding fever in the air, meetings have been difficult to arrange so I felt very fortunate that Tashi Zangmo, PhD, Executive Director of the Bhutan Nuns Foundation, made the time to come to my home office in Olathang for a discussion about a possible partnership between SJI Education and BNF. 

BNF, and its patron Ashi Tshering Yangdon Wangchuk, have a mission: "to provide a high leverage means of empowering and educating Bhutanese girls and women, improving the living conditions and economic vitality of rural villages, and preserving Bhutan’s strong, sustainable culture as it faces rapid economic development." 

Could we train one of her nuns to teach integrated curriculum? Could we teach her to develop her own unique curriculum for nuns in Bhutan using the same framework, criteria and resources that we are using to develop the CGI curriculum? It looks like the answer is yes! It seems there is great synergy between Dr. Tashi Zangmo's vision and the SJI vision.  And we both seem to be fans of good dark chocolate.

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  1. Hello
    Please check out another independent organization for women and girls in Bhutan. Pema Choling in the Bumthang region provides a traditional curriculum for traditional Buddhist philosophy. It is associated with the Nyingma Pema Lingpa lineage.