Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Wish List

Lho Mon Education is compiling a wish list of books, films, and classroom supplies on Amazon that will be used during out July Curriculum Development Workshop. Anyone who likes to make wishes come true can scan the list and make a contribution towards the purchase of any item. We are also very open to suggestions of materials that have not made it on the list. For example, we are looking for books on practical green living. For the BAoWE pilot, we will be training domestic helpers on green cleaning (in addition to addressing issues of dignity of labor, urban rural migration, mindfulness, self respect, human rights, etc). Since domestic helpers are the ones who do most of the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and childcare, their sensitivity to environmental issues will impact the entire household. So what's the best resource book we can provide for them? We'll add it to our wish list and hope that one of our generous friends sponsors it.


  1. Hi Noa
    All the best for this.
    I couldn't figure out how to purchase items on your wishlist. i get as far as adding it to my cart and then it asks for a shipping address and i see you haven't listed one.
    So how..?

  2. This issue has been resolved! Our friend Choing Tshomo in New York will collect the books and send them in bulk to us. Sorry for any inconvenience. We are delighted that already 10 items have been sponsored. Thanks to all of you!