Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Who am I?

Learning body parts
Being mindful in different activities
Why you feel that examining who we are is important to our students? If you cannot answer the “why”, then you cannot make the experience relevant to your students’ lives.
Before you start teaching brainstorm the following essential questions that will guide and focus you to understand your students. Who are my  students?  What do they value? Why are values important to them? Are they healthy? What are their goals in life? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
The better we understand ourselves, the better we are able to realize our potential as human beings, citizens, students, and community members. When we know ourselves, we are better able to change what we don't like, celebrate what we like and accept what we cannot change. Self aware people are better able to help others and to make sound life decisions that lead to better health and well being. Self awareness begins with paying attention to our senses, thoughts, feelings, and intuition. Understanding comes from a recognition of our personality traits, our strengths and our weakness, our likes and dislikes, our morals and values, our priorities, our history and culture and a number of external factors that affect our sense of self.
In this unit, students have learned to identify the factors that shape their sense of self. They  also evaluated and catalogued their health and wellbeing with a special emphasis on hygiene. Introduced to local health issues, family trees, learning to identify strengths and weaknesses, carbon footprints and wants versus needs. Focused on traditional medical practices and use of plants. Science focused on the five senses and germ theory. Basic first aid. Microorganisms. Students evaluated their educational, health, and other objectives, and set personal goals. They created a personal portfolio in which they chart their health. They also learned how to speak about their ailments to medical practitioners. This unit further helped create a safe and inviting environment for the students, while allowing the teacher to get to know each student better.
Individual health map
Different groups of food for growth and development
Diseases chart

Fruits for good health

Time chart
Poster showing how typhoid spreads
Five senses meditation