Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Arrival in San Francisco. June 20, 2014

After waiting for exactly a month under the scorching heat of Delhi, I got my USA visa approved after a second application to attend my educational enrichment program in two highly esteemed institutions -- The Edible Schoolyard Academy in Berkeley, and The Exploratorium Summer Institute for Teachers Training in San Francisco, California, USA.  Visiting USA may be exciting and a life time journey one may wish to take up, but it’s not as easy as we think to get it through. There are hundreds of sieves, through which one has to scan, to be eligible visitors. Anyway, I should say I am lucky and successful with the intricacies of my visa applications with helping efforts from many people. I would like to thank you all on behalf of Lhomon Education and on my own behalf for your wonderful and selfless support and guidance in the process.
I had a wonderful and safe journey from Delhi to San Francisco although it was quite long, especially the flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco. Now frankly speaking, I am little blurred, feeling a minor headache, stomach gurgles and dosing off in midday. I guess I have messed up day and night. I hope it will take a few more days for my biological chemistry to get adjusted to this new environment.
Now, I would like to share briefly from my hazy head a few of the expectations from my two programs. Firstly, in the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, I hope to learn how their curricula are linked with the organic aspects of farming. Secondly, how to integrate learning different subjects to the garden and kitchen. Thirdly, what are the methodologies, strategies and tools to use for teaching different subjects, and learn and get first hand experiences of catering the lessons to my students.
From The Exploratorium 2014 Summer Institute for Teachers’ Training, with the growing importance of science and technology and the challenges I face as a teacher in the classroom, I need to learn the practical tools and information that would transcend the limits of the textbooks. So I am hoping to gain many things from this program.  Firstly, knowledge of the innovative ways that the Exploratorium teaches so that I can bring them into my classroom for the educational enrichment of my students. Secondly, insights and tools that inspire teaching and learning of the sciences. Thirdly, the practical ideas to teach and cater the science and math lessons to our students. Fourthly, expanding my range of science activities for my students, and understanding more about the world around us.
I hope earnestly that my expectations and hopes come true to my delight. It’s a big voyage yet to begin and there are so many things that I have to explore and learn from here.

Dear readers, I will keep posting for you all please visit again to read another episode.

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