Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tshering Chenmo cover song - Music Video as a fun part of learning and educating!

The lyric of the song goes ‘‘…Any thought in my mind, reminds me of dharma practice…’’and it ends ‘‘…I have equity in human birth, but not in fortune and merit, as I have to leave my own birth place and linger in others places...’’

This song is a melodious in tune and good in its message, that reflects the singer’s urge of wanting to visit the sacred place of dharma and the land of Guru Padma Jungney, to practice the Dharma. However, she/he is being in the Samsara has the responsibility to take care of her/his son and old parents and that makes her/his wish of Dharma practice impossible.
As the song melodiously ends, she/he complains, that it is unfortunate and less in merit of her/him not being able to use the fortunate human birth for Dharma practice. 

As we have shared in our last post, the singing of song and playing music are fun part of study and it is considered as an offering. We hope to use music as a medium to educate our students and other people through composition and music videos. The profound concepts such as interdependence, inclusiveness, karma, kindness, etc. can be taught through the music. 

Music is a social art. It enhances team work, cooperation, and brings people together. Today’s social media are filled with music and videos. Many young people love singing and listening to music. It is a trend! Why we educators don't take advantage of it? 

With this we would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Simon Thomas for your time and effort in raising funds to buy some instruments for LME students. We also sincerely thank the individual donor for your generous contribution.

Let us not forget the team Misty Terrace. This music video is outcome of inspiration from the team (Tshering Chenmo music video). Thank you Mr. Tandin Wangchuk (Misty Terrace) and your wonderful team mates.