Monday, September 3, 2018

Your mask is not your boss; You are your mask's boss!

Mask project is a part of LME curriculum unit to help students to ignite individual creativity, art skills, and social skills. Hence this short video clip is a project of projects in its aims to offer holistic education for students. 

Your Mask is not your boss; you are your mask's boss!
In fact, we wear many layers of masks.
Do you wear one or many?
Let us put it this way: Have you blamed someone for your fault?
Have you felt slightly uneasy to expose your true imperfect self? 
If so, these are symptoms that you are wearing masks! YOU MUST KNOW THAT
our mask is a sign of our weakness. Mask paralyze us from being authentic us. It shadows us from admitting our perfectly imperfect us. So, know that our mask is not us.  
Therefore, at the least let us consistently Remember that we manifest our masks on daily basis, if not unmask our masks immediately!
Do you want to be a mask-less? It is your choice! 
Your mask is not your boss; You are your mask's boss!